Otylia swim tour

A large, nationwide project of the Otylia Jedrzejczak's Foundation. Its aim was to organize sports workshops for children aged 9 to 14 in 6 cities in the country.

Throughout the workshops, during exercises at the swimming pool and at the gym, the children had the opportunity to obtain guidance and knowledge from the best trainers in Poland (some of whom

train even our Olympians). 
An important element of each of the events, which became the focal point of all the events, was the area set up with the partner of the ​​project - ZELMER. There, in front of the audience, healthy meals and cocktails were being prepared using appliances supplied by the partner.  

Another element of the project was to create a series of videos where Otylia Jedrzejczak, the main hero of the project, gave advice and prepared healthy meals. These videos were then placed on the websites of WP.pl (a media partner of the project) where some of them reached more than 100 thousand views. 

Notjustshop was the manager of the project involved in coordinating all activities and elements necessary for the implementation of the campaign. In addition to ZELMER and WP.pl, the list of the campaign's partners included: ZOTT, RMF MAXXX, Muszyna Cechini, Teekanne or Miody Polskie


Video from one of the event

made by notjustshop