Biegam aby...

In 2015, at the Children's University Hospital in Krakow, we prepared unusual art workshops, where young patients had the task of creating their own compositions using different coloured paints, or more accurately, multicoloured stains created with the paints. The results of their work formed the basis for the graphic design which was later used to create T-shirts, worn by about 2000 participants of a charity run. 

The success which the event met with made the next edition, in which we also took part, gather around 3000 runners. the profits from both of these undertakings were donated to the hospital in which the capable designers were being treated.

We've also created a special film as a thank you for them, so they could feel that they were the ones that helped us and not the other way around. The project was organized in collaboration with the Tesco Foundation.



from workshops

thank you video