who we are?

We are ... not just a marketing agency that helps businesses and people explain what they really do. We create strategies, implement them and running them. We can also work in existing marketing or comunication plans and use our skills in gamification, CSR or TEAL. But all of that is easy. What really differentiates us is WHY we do that.


why is the key

If you want to know our WHY, our "reason", just write to me. Now I just say, that we are the best in discovering our clients WHY, which is not an easy task. Then, we can build around it engaging communication, marketing strategy that people, your clients will truelly love.



Just like I said, if you want to know our answer for question "WHY", just write to me.

Łukasz Kaliciński
tel: +48 603 688 843

Wish you all the best :)